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May we never want a friend nor a bottle to give him Dear travellor! If you arrive in this plan and you dont know how to amuse yourself let me tell you the history of the 2 holy travellorsfrom Rome it will entertain you not only during your staying but also in every part of the world you depart, but nevertheless I like more to ride upon an English fine girl than uponthe 2 holy wild owets, though conducted by an angel
Holytown 6th Sept 1787 I: H: K – from K.
And I like more – a German -
Septembr. the 9th 1787 (Unterschrift unkenntlich)
Johann Paulus Conrad Eberlein Weißgerber Von Prichsenstadt hat aus diesem grosen löfel gedruncken den 9. Sept. 1787
Gott gibt mehr in Einen Tag
als ein Königreich vermag;